East Berkshire Training Hub.

The East Berkshire Training Hub previously known as Community Education Provider Network (CEPN) is a new collaborative venture established with the support of Health Education England funding and bringing together the 3 East Berkshire CCGs to foster collaborative working and learning across primary and community healthcare providers. East Berkshire Training Hub is part of Health Education England Thames Valley HEETV Training Hub network which includes Bucks Training Hub, West Berkshire and Oxfordshire Hub.

Although East Berkshire was successful to secure the funding for establishing a Community Education Providers Networks (CEPN) in December 2016 but the recruitment for CEPN Project Manager was commenced in April 2017 hence the work to establish the network started in April 2017.  During our first quarter we have achieved a great deal and added value, including:




Stakeholder Feedback

"Thank you for all the prompt support and getting the right information, as I have been locating information for prescribing course for a while now and was getting nowhere. I am glad with CEPN we will have a direct link to address training/education queries and will get much needed support"

“ Prior to the East Berkshire CEPN we had no clear system to pool together training courses and development opportunities and it is great to have our own CEPN network which will support to keep a running profile for GPNS and log for all relevant training and development opportunities”

“The Physician Associate PGDip Course organisers at Reading University would like to thank the East Berkshire CCGs/CEPN for their extra support for practices that have offered placements for our first and second-year students. We have had a fantastic response from the practices in East Berkshire which has enabled us to offer placements to the increased number of new students this year straight away. The effort that Samreen Aslam has made informing and encouraging practices has helped significantly with recruiting new placement providers and is very much appreciated.”

Contact information

If you would like to be involved with developing the East Berkshire CEPN or want to find out more about our activities please contact our Project Lead – Dr vanita dutta (vanita.dutta@nhs.net)

General Practice Education Clinician (Non Medical)- Helen Brewah (helen.brewah1@nhs.net) Mobile Number- 07879892382.