Training Hub.

The Training Hub supports  workforce planning, education and training of our local community across health and social care both now and in preparing for the future.

The Training Hub is an evolving education network aiming to support the local healthcare workforce to deliver the best possible care to its patients.


Key Functions

  • Based on place-based, local population needs and workforce planning and modelling make decisions around commissioning education and training for development of the workforce to meet those needs.
  • Improve the education capacity and capability in primary care and community care settings including development of multi-disciplinary educators and creating learner placements in practice
  • Improve the education quality and governance provision for primary care in the Training Hub locality and coordinate the education and training for primary and community care helping to support general practice


Health Education England Thames Valley (HEETV) is committed to expanding and developing the primary and community health and care workforce to meet local population needs and support the wellbeing of staff. Training Hubs (part of HEE Training Hubs Programme) are a new way of developing the primary care workforce in response to today’s health agenda.

East Berkshire Training Hub is an emerging Training Hub  previously referred to as a CEPN project which started in April 2017. We have successfully established CEPN governance board , now known as a Training Hub Board working tirelessly to establish the network. The principles of a Training Hub are the same as that of a CEPN.

A CEPN brings together all involved with education and training in primary care within a specified geography to:

  • Deliver and coordinate educational and training
  • Promote multi-professional learning
  • Respond to and plan for local priorities and workforce needs
  • Work across health and social care
  • Support improvements in the quality of education
  • Develop local education capacity
  • Utilise workforce data
  • Provide continued professional development
  • helping to attract, recruit and retain staff in the region and develop a sustainable workforce

Further information can be found at HEE website: