Clinical Concerns

Clinical Concerns, developed in response to the Francis Report 2013, is a process through which the CCG works in collaboration with General Practices and other local healthcare Providers to gather intelligence about the quality and safety of local services and to facilitate learning and improvement.

All General Practice staff (clinical and non-clinical) can use the button above to report quality and safety concerns about health and social care providers to the CCG. Please note the link can only accessed when connected to the Practice’s network.

What should be reported as a Clinical Concern?

Clinical Concerns are incidents which affect patient care, outcomes and result in a poor experience. For example:

  • Referral issues affecting patient outcomes
  • Appointment issues affecting patient outcomes
  • Discharge issues affecting patient outcomes
  • Patient feedback on poor care or experience
  • Care not provided in a timely manner
  • Inappropriate care which has affected patient outcomes
clinical concerns

What to NOT report using Clinical Concerns

  • Safeguarding. This MUST be reported via local safeguarding protocols.
  • Immediate patient safety issues. These should be immediately reported to the Provider, Local Authority and/or Director on call for the CCG.
  • Complaints. Clinical Concerns is not a substitute for where the practice or a patient would like to make a formal complaint about a service. Information about formal complaints procedures can be found on the website of each organisation.

Does reporting a Clinical Concern make a difference?

Yes! You can read about changes and improvements in the quarterly reports below:

If you have any queries about Clinical Concerns please contact us via: