EPS (Electronic Prescribing Service)

EPS provides the capability to replace the unwieldy and time consuming practice of manually signing FP10’s with a streamlined digital interface between GP’s desktop and the patients’ nominated pharmacy or appliance contractor. Unlike paper, a digital audit trail is created enabling prescriptions to be tracked at every stage of the process.

Fast, secure and safe

The General Medical Services GP Contract has set aims for practices to aspire to in the current year covering both single prescriptions and batch repeat issues using eRD (electronic Repeat Dispensing).

An increasing number of patients expect primary care to develop modern and time efficient ways of delivering their health needs. EPS creates the ability for patients to request repeat medication on-line at a time convenient to both themselves and the practice enabling their medication to be authorised by their GP and dispensed ready for collection at their nominated pharmacy without further interaction.


Whilst engagement has generally been very high across the country there are still a few practices and pharmacies who have not signed up to the service and others where engagement is still low. In addition a patient will need internet access to support the process, therefore making it difficult for small sectors of the practice population However the time savings and reduced footfall at the practice by the majority who can utilise EPS offsets this issue.

How EPS works

EPS has three separate requirements.

  1. Practice users must all have active smart cards as the service is reliant on spine connectivity
  2. The patient must have a valid PDS (Patient Demographic Service) status, indicating that the practice local record matches details on the spine.

TOP TIP: it should become standard practice that any PDS mismatches are resolved whenever found.

    3. The patient must have a current nomination for their preferred pharmacy (the opportunity exists for a second nomination covering appliances where that need applies).

Contact details

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0800 0850 503

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EMIS (when HC closed)  Helpline

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VISION (when HC  closed) Helpline

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Escalations -  escalations@inps.co.uk

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DOCMAN (when HC closed)  Helpline  0844 967 0967  https://docman.service-now.com/docman/

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