SMS iPlato

iPlato is the supplier currently commissioned by East Berkshire CCG’s to provide SMS appointment reminders for forthcoming appointments to patients with a mobile number registered with the practice.

They are able to provide additional services covering campaign messaging, Friends and Family Test data collection and a host of features included in their downloadable app “myGP” offering patients an alternative source to access on-line services.

Fast, secure and safe

The General Medical Services GP Contract contains an aim for all practices to have at least 25% of their registered patients with access to at least one on-line service by April 2018.

The iPlato technology, developed alongside NHSE, embraces a range of features to meet this aim in a convenient and portable manner.


Only patients with a mobile device registered with the practice will be able to use the technology but in reality this covers 80% patients across East Berkshire.

How SMS works

The basic functionality of SMS involves a text reminder being sent to patient at a predetermined time before their appointment. If the appointment is no longer needed the patient can text back CANCEL which will directly interface with the practices’ clinical system and free the appointment for re-booking. This feature has significantly reduced the number of DNA’s and helped increase patient access.

Additional functions include the ability to send campaign messaging, for example flu recalls, having identified the target cohort. This offers significant time and cost benefits when compared to conventional approaches.

Add on features

By downloading the “myGP” app patients are able to access a range of additional features including the ability to order repeat medication, book/cancel appointments (if you offer them) view their medical records (subject to enablement by the practice), together with a range of self-help features including medication alerts, health cards for recording weight , blood pressure etc.

Contact details

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Claire Isham

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HealthCare Computing

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Jonathan Gahan (Escalations)

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01425 204 116

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0800 0850 503

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 Please call 24 hours 7 days
EMIS (when HC closed)  Helpline

0845 122 2333

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VISION (when HC  closed) Helpline

0845 351 1820(LAN)

0845 359 3544(AEROS)

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