EPS patient pharmacy nomination

Date: Mar 31 2017

Patient’s pharmacy nomination is a key enabler for EPS. Once a nomination is set, all scripts which can go via EPS will do so, unless overridden by the prescriber or the admin team. So in order to maximise the benefits of EPS for your surgery, it is important that you identify as many of your…

Continuation of extended hours service for Bracknell & Ascot CCG

Date: Mar 29 2017

We are pleased to announce that there will be a seamless continuation of the extended hours primary care service for BACCG from 1 April 2017. The current contract runs out on 31 March. The CCG has been happy with the service in the past year, but will go out to tender for the full range…

Paediatric clinic pilot programme comes to an end at Brants Bridge

Date: Mar 29 2017

A pilot programme to provide a paediatric clinic at Brants Bridge for children and young people up to the age of 16 with minor ailments comes to an end this Friday (31/3). Following careful consideration and analysis, the programme will not be extended. Therefore, no more referrals should be made by GPs and others as…

National Electronic Health Check (Learning Disabilities)

Date: Mar 23 2017

The National Electronic Health Check clinical template for people with learning disabilities is to be made available to GP Practices through their GP IT system provider from April 2017. National Electronic Health Check (Learning Disabilities) Clinical Template

Frimley health and care STP newsletter

Date: Mar 23 2017

1st edition STP Newsletter March 2017

Thames Valley NHS 111 Integrated Urgent Care Service

Date: Mar 16 2017

The co-production period for the procurement of the Thames Valley NHS 111 Integrated Urgent Care Service has been underway for the past 5 weeks. The co-production work is being carried out by a partnership of T.V providers (SCAS, BHFT, Oxford Health and BHT) and the CCG T.V Commissioner. This period is in place to enhance…

Provider selected for new occupational health service for GPs and NHS Dentists

Date: Mar 2 2017

Following plans announced by NHS England in September 2015 to introduce a new national service specification for an occupational health service, to ensure all GPs and NHS dentists across England have access to a consistent and equitable service, NHS England (South) has appointed HM Partnership to provide the new occupational health service to GPs and…

Frimley Health and Care Sustainability and Transformation Plan Communication Leads

Date: Mar 2 2017

Communications leads from across the STP footprint have been assigned to the seven core workstreams, which are progressing at varying paces across the patch. Progress updates indicate that they are all on track at this time. We are working on high-level action plans for each workstream, together with mapping of communication and engagement opportunities for system…