Primary Care Delegation

From April 2017, Bracknell & Ascot, Slough and WAM CCGs Primary Care Team commenced the delegation of NHS England functions and responsibilities. Delegated commissioning means the CCGs will assume full responsibility for commissioning general practice services.

Functions the CCGs will cover include:

  • GMS, PMS and APMS contracts (including the design of PMS and APMS contracts, monitoring of contracts, taking contractual action, such as issuing branch/remedial notices, and removing a contract);
  • Approval of revenue funding for premises developments
  • DES’s, CQRS and QOF management
  • PCSE (Capita) , PC Web Tool, E-declarations
  • Rent reviews, premises issues, Business and water rates
  • Violent Patient Scheme, Dispensing Quality Scheme
  • Approving practice mergers; and
  • Making decisions on ‘discretionary’ payments (e.g., returner/retainer schemes)
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The delegated functions are being migrated from NHS England in four phases, and all will be fully completed by the end of March 2018. As each phase is complete, the update will be included in the members email bulletin.

The Primary Care team will be the first point of contact for member practices for all of the delegated work. We have created a generic email address for all member enquiries:

Members of the primary care team working on delegation


Delegation governance is carried out via the ‘Primary Care Commissioning Committee in Common’ (PCCC CiC) to oversee the exercise of delegated functions.  The objectives of the PCCC, is to carry out the functions relating to the commissioning of primary medical services under section 83 of the NHS Act, except those relating to individual GP performance management, which have been reserved to NHS England.

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