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Fundamentals of Change and Improvement

The ‘Fundamentals of Change and Improvement’ is a short programme for those working in general practice, including GPs, practice managers, nurses, senior admin, project managers and facilitators, working directly with general practice to support the General Practice Forward View and the Time for Care programme.

‘Fundamentals of Change and Improvement’ will show step-by-step how to use a number of tools and techniques, helping to build skills and confidence to make changes in your practice. Participants will need to bring a live change project to work on during the programme. It is strongly recommended that projects are focused, enabling you to apply the learning, for example reducing the amount of correspondence handled by GPs, establishing care navigation, improving approach to care planning, improving the practice’s repeat prescribing system etc.

What does it look like?

  • The programme is two days in total, each day will take place from 9.00am - 4.45pm

Benefits for participants

  • Personal development: a systematic approach to delivering change and approaches to engaging people in the process.
  • Opportunity to apply learning to a live project to get started with making changes straight away.
  • Learning alongside other local participants and an opportunity to share ideas. Day 1 – 11th April

Programme content

  • Explore the key components needed for successful change, using the Change Model for Health and Care to consider your own change/improvement project
  • A structured approach to making changes using the Model for Improvement
  • Developing a meaningful aim for your change project
  • Mapping processes to reveal opportunities for improvement within your project
  • Planning your project and next steps to try out ahead of Day 2 Day 2 – 24th May
  • Recap of day 1 and sharing experiences of applying techniques and tools
  • Measurement for improvement – generating meaningful measures to track the progress of your project
  • Generating, prioritizing and testing ideas and further opportunities for improving services
  • Engaging others in your improvement work
  • Your next steps: 7, 30 and 90 day plans

Participants will have to sign up to both events and is open to all staff involved in change programmes.

For more information please contact Ann Bryant via email :

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